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Keith Flint was an English dancer and the lead singer of The Prodigy. He was born in London on 17 September 1969.There he began his career as a dancer, but later, become a vocalist of The Prodigy. The band acquired a world-wide popularity because of his own hit single “Firestarter”, which was written by Flint.

Keith said: I liked what I did for the first time. I liked it not only in the musical aspect, but also because this song is like a reflection of my soul. I came back home was playing the song over and over and I thought: «I like it so much!», I felt an enormous wave of emotions…»

Also, the band is famous because of such hits like “Smack my Bitch up” and “Voodoo people” which were known the world over, even in Russia.

Keith Flint`s body is almost completely in tattoos which were put in different styles and subjects. Flint never tell about his tattoos. He was always too close and didn`t like to show his private life. Some part of his tattoos is like an ornament, though the same number of his tattoos have a sense, which I try to get to you.


There are a great number of not big tattoos on his right sleeve. There is a pocket pistol Derringer on his wrist. The name of the pistol derives from the last name of a famous American gunsmith of 19 century – Henry Derringer. The pistol was used for self-defense.

Then you can see a name “Jenty” on the inner right wrist. Before Flint was married to Mayumi Kai, he was in relations with a British singer Jentina Chapman from 2004 to 2005 and her name was tattooed on his wrist.

Then we can see an old-school scull in a motorcycle helmet and biker`s glasses of 70-80th, that symbolizes his love of motorsport.

In summer 1998 Flint announced that he`ll compete among professional racers. In October of that year, he won the 3d (third) place at his first race. Moreover, later, in 2015 he put his own motor-team, which was known as “Team Traction Control”

Then…we see all old traditional tattoos such as rose, swallows, a coffin nail and all known sketch of a straight razor, a brass knuckles and lettering: Love thy neighbor – люби ближнего своего.

There are a fly, bear and unknown animal – maybe it`s something like a dog or cat in armour on the back of his forearm.

The meaning of these tattoos we can understand from lettering which is close by it:

Please, don`t feed animals. Logically, that it meant – don`t feed your demons.

Flint`s shoulder shows a scull in graphic, which symbolizes his rebellious temperament, and a wolf`s head expressed his character and his position of single person.

The next to scull we see a fragmentation grenade with a frame in the form of chain and an animal hanging on it. This tattoo accented his explosive temper and creative intellection.

Two arms, which clink glasses over the grenade, is also quite well known old school sketch.

There is an ant on the inner side of right biceps – is the logotype of the band coined by Liam Howlett in 1996 who was a graphic artist before his collaboration with The Prodigy. It may well be true that an idea came into being based on music style of the band. The keywords are – formic acid. Early, people called electronic music – an acid and ravers were acid. Also, the ant lives in the Underworld and associated with the underground.


There are trible patterns and an angel giving a cocaine track to girl, notes of composition and lettering: Girls, guns, dreams. His left sleeve symbolizes Flint`s rebellious roc-n-roll life.

There is a portrait of the nun on the inner side of biceps. It looks harmoniously with cocaine mess.

On the neck you can see a clown in the top hat coloring of British flag and American stars. It looks as an allusion to American propagandist Uncle Sam and made in the anti-war conception. The lettering over it saying “you fools” is a clear proof of that fact.


There is an old-school tattoo with a broken-down anchor, panthers on the sides and Japanese warriors in fighting in the middle of chest. Then we see two airlines and bombs falling down off them on the clavicles. It`s rather difficult to make out the idea of the tattoo and its meaning, but it`s quite within reason to suggest that Flint, deeply interested on Japanese culture, could devote the tattoo to the event of Second World-war, to wit, a bombing of the American port Pearl Harbor. But…it`s a pure conjecture…

There is a big inscription “Inflicted” which was designed by Liam. It means «нанесённый, навязанный» and if we talk slang so “отмороженный or отбитый на голову».


Flint`s back tattooed with Fudo Myo-o is one of the embodiment of Buddha, a furious guardian of Buddhism. Despite his terrifying guise, the deity shows a kindly spirit to people and it`s an incarnation of God of wisdom, a Great Educator which is calling for a spiritual protection. Imageless guise is called out to scare away demons.

Keith Flint had drug and alcohol dependence, so after that he decided to take a medication in Japan where he got married to Mayumi Kai and did this tattoo, inspired of Japanese culture and its symbolism.

Next to Fudo, we can see hieroglyphs. According to Japanese interpreters, this hieroglyph is incomplete and means an address: a distant hill, a province Zhejiang, Danshan, Goshan Str. Yeach…it sounds crazy, in the view of that fact with the address, which is situated in China. Perhaps, it`s just a label which was rewritten from the sketch of tattoo.

Also, there is a horse killed with arrow and bleeding to death, and an unknown personage with barbed wire!

If you know who it is, don`t fail to write it in commentaries.

The legs of frontman of The Prodigy are in Polynesia and Trible styles.

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