Шоу «Тату навсегда!» – Тату-мастера


Yurets Udalets

The universal tattoo artist with the experience of 10 years. A real pedant in everything. His workplace shines due to the cleanliness like eyes of satisfied clients. He is always ready to creativity and unexpected experiments.



Goshan Moscovsky

He is in the tattoo industry 9 years yet.The multiple winner of international tattoo conventions and he has the non-standard sense of humor. He has a dream to do tattoos to Rihanna and make a lot of money on it.



Eugeniy Erokhin

He is “Batya”, he is “Lenin”. He is an artist-animator. Does tattoos from the age of 18 years, prefers such tattoo style as “Old School”, because he considers himself like an old man. But that does not prevent him to skate all his free time.



Catarina Morozova

She had time to deserve an opportunity to make experiments for about 3 years of tattoo career. Considers herself a moody but she has always a good mood for doing tattoo. She does not endure lazy-bones.



Ben Klishevsky

The world known tattoo artist.The spiritual leader, the director of his own tattoo studio. He believes that every tattoo must have its own history.



Lana Lanthie

A tattoo artist from Moscow. She interested of tattoo culture just from school in the 1990s. She works in all styles, especially she likes Old-School, New-School and Graphic. She adores new cities, countries and Italian scooters. Her main sources of inspiration are interesting people and their stories



Nika Brezhneva

She works like a tattoo artist about 6 years. She began with colour pictures then found her way, black mixed with Dotwork and Graphic. She is ready listen to you and put any ideas on your body. Does tattoos with a big love.



Dmitry Buhrov

He did his first tattoo in the army with help of the army technic, since then already 12 years he draws on the body profesionally. He belongs to the Union of Russian Artists. He is a participant and winner of international tattoo conventions. A member of the jury of tattoo festivals. Associates a tattoo with art.



Oxana Sirena

She adores her family, travelling, music festivals and, of course, tattoos. She admits that can do tattoo and it can be whatever you want. She aims to dismantle a stereotype about tattoo artists and to tattoo everyone on the planet.