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Tattoo artist Yurets Udalets

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My name is Yura, I`m a tattoo artist, artist, painter, an aerography artist from ghetto Chertanovo Yuzhnoye District. I`d be glad to help you to choose sketches, to make a collage or to draw a sketch on the particular part of body with taking into account of your physiological characteristics and preferences, to determime a colour scheme and stylistics.

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Tattoo artist Roma KUBIK RUBIK

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I do tattoos since 2006. Tattoo is a part of all my life, I give to it my soul and I`m putting a bit of me into tattoo art.
I`m coming to the process with a creativity and I create the most incredible ideas which then I let come true on your body. Your feedback is my biggest reward! =)

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Tattoo… Today, it`s not just a funny picture on your body or a tribute to fashion. It`s a way of self-expression, an individuality, a way to show your attitude to the world and to yourself. It`s mainly due to the best tattoo artists, the tattoo industry is in the prime of its development. There are new styles, a professional equipment, modern methods of applying of tattoo. The tattoo artists study from time to time, lead their own groundwork, to keep pace with fantasy and wishes of clients. Now the most popular tattoo artists are artists who work in the Realism.

But how to find a good tattoo artist to yourself in Moscow? How to understand this tattoo mix style? There are so many proposals: a tattoo artist of Japonese tattoo style, a tattoo artist of the Ornamental, tattoo artists of the New-School… Which one will be good just for your ideas? And how to see the qualty of tattoo works?

Here, on the site we collected the best tattoo artists in Moscow. We made sure to make your choice easier.