The show “Tattoo forever!” 2018 on the FridayTV is possible for watching online just after the broadcast right now on this site.

The tattoo studio “Yurets Udalets. Philosophy of tattoo” takes one of the leading places in Moscow.
Here our tattoo artists, professionals of their business, help you to realize all your wishes on the issue of your tattoos.
All our tattoo artists are artists with their own style and ideology.
With our help you body turns into a real masterpiece.

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The long-awaited premiere of the show “Tattoo forever” is 13 of the August on the FridayTV, where Yurets Udalets participates like a tattoo artist. Let`s blow the dust out your TV set anf find the TV remote. 😄



Briefly about the Show “Tattoo forever” with the tattoo artist Yurets Udalets.


шоу тату навсегдаHere we`ll collect all the tapes of the Show in a good quality. You do not need to look for all series in the Internet.
Every episode takes near 52 minutes. This show is about tattoos and a human foolishness. The participants of the ether will make a tattoo in blind, without seeing of a preliminary sketch.
A tattoo is chosen for every character of the show by their boyfriend or girlfriend or somebody else who come join them. How a participant of the Show “Tattoo forever” will react to the tattoo on his or her body when open the eyes? Every time it`s a real mystery and a big surprise, what makes a show more interesting and fun!


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