“Yurets Udalets. Philosophy of tattoo” is a studio impregnated with energy vibes.



Today the tattoo studio is a place where frequent guests are stars of national show business and sport that is very valuable and also it`s a clear demonstration of a high level of the studio!

The walls of Moscow tattoo studio are exacerbated of famous “frequenters” who come to us for new and unique in technique tattoos from time to time.

Yeah, besides doing original tattoos, you can see with your own eyes such Russian stars like Nikita Gigurda, Timofey Lapshin and another celebrity who prefer our tattoo studio instead of others Moscow salons!


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Тимофей Алексеевич Лапшин
Холод Дмитрий Олегович
Никита Бориславович Джигурда
Абрамова Ольга Валерьевна
Армен Цатурян


You know more new about tattoos of different famous people. Yurets Udalets, the tattoo artist of the studio tell you about them in the videos which are given below.